Corporate Art

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FREE consultation with clients seeking guidance in acquiring art for their personal acquisition and enjoyment

Our Approach

Our experience has proven that a fine art collection and its installation can be implemented on virtually any budget. We have the resources, expertise and ability to provide work ranging from that of a purely decorative nature to important original, museum-quality prints, paintings, sculpture, and art glass.

The Silver Heron Gallery is able to provide corporate clients with a dependable, full-service resource for guidance, recommendation and installation of exceptional, well-priced fine art.

Why Corporate Art?

No matter what business you're in, it takes more imagination and creativity than ever to achieve your business goals. That's one reason companies and property managers are giving art an increasingly significant role within their office spaces. Companies realize that art can immediately transform a workspace; it can facilitate dialogue, cultivate appreciation and garner admiration from clients, colleagues, visitors and employees. Whether subconsciously or overtly, art simply makes people feel good - both about themselves and their environment.

Properly selected and installed fine art can offer an excellent return on investment both in the office and in the larger community. Because art is now understood to have an important role in defining a company's overall image, it has a tangible and measurable value. Even a small corporate art collection, installed in reception areas and meeting rooms, can become a powerful symbol of a company's unique focus.

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• Original Paintings • Limited Edition Prints • Commissioned Artwork • Photography - B/W and Color • Murals • Sculpture • Posters

Custom Framing
• Pick up/delivery service • Wide selection of frames • Corporate pricing

• Complete professional installation is provided at fixed hourly rate

Corporate Leasing Program
• Advantage of small operating-expensed payments from pre-tax dollars. Please ask for more information.

Quick Turnaround
• From time of initial deposit, your work can be hanging in as little time as just two weeks.

Artwork Appraisals
• We can arrange for well-documented appraisal of existing or acquired artwork.

In-House Exhibitions
• We can curate and temporarily install mini-exhibitions right within your offices for special parties or events which you have planned. Call us for details.