Artwork Leasing

Leasing artwork is a wonderful way to "sample" a variety of pieces and can be a great alternative to purchasing artwork outright.

  • Variety – most lease agreements are arranged in cycles so that different artwork will be brought into your home or office on a regular monthly/yearly basis. This is an excellent opportunity to discover new artists and decide what may ultimately work best for your environment.
  • Budget – leasing artwork on a relatively short-term basis can be more cost effective for the renter. Lease fees can fit into companies' monthly budgets in a way that purchasing artwork may not. Leasing artwork for a home allows the renter to pay small installments over a period of time, as opposed to one larger payment upfront, making it easy to stick to a monthly and yearly household budget.
  • Tax Incentives – in many cases artwork lease fees are partially or sometimes entirely tax deductible for companies. Lease fees can be tax deductible for the individual renter with a home office or home-based business. Consult your accountant for specifics on artwork lease fee deductions.
  • Flexibility – leasing artwork allows you to modify your wall décor in accordance with other interior design changes. Outdated artwork can be substituted with more modern pieces which will enhance room makeovers and home improvements.
Hosting a company party or cocktail reception for your clients and/or employees? The Silver Heron Gallery can curate a show of fine emerging artists right in your office. Impress your clients, add tremendous cachet to the event, and make a significant statement to your attendees by having a mini-exhibition right within your space. Call us for details on this exciting opportunity.

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