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Gary Cooley


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Gary Cooley transforms malleable clay into dramatic lifelike sculptures. Mostly self-taught and guided by instinct, Cooley translates his extraordinary appreciation of nature into powerful statements in bronze. His sculptures exemplify North American and African wildlife, and a variety of human figures in poses conveying dignity, power, and grace.

Cooley has spent years fishing, hunting, hiking and running rivers throughout the Northwest. During these trips he sketches, photographs, sculpts, or paints the scenery and wildlife around him. While raising a family, he ran a successful business for 20 years in Junction City, Oregon, pursuing his artistic interests when he could. Since the sale of his business in 1985, he has dedicated himself full time to his art.

Cooley's sculpting process blends observation and technique. He carefully considers every detail, contemplating form and movement and incorporating variations in texture, light, shadows... and attitude.

"My work is a study in motion, with a natural flow and balance creating a 360-degree experience of emotion, energy and life," he explains. "The patina finishes are the result of using experimental combinations of chemicals and heat to create inspired and variable effects from realistic to unpredictably exotic."

The winner of numerous commissions and awards, including "Artist of the Year" from Safari Club International, Cooley presents work that ranges from realistic to abstract, life-size to tabletop. You'll find Cooley originals in living rooms, landscapes, corporate offices, and private collections worldwide.
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