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Susan Lynn Zukauskas


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Susan is known by her rich use of acrylics and oils. Whether it is a Portland street scene or a single figure, her work is strong, direct, and moving.

Susan's work has taken numerous awards with the Water Color Society Of Oregon, The Beaverton Showcase, as well as The Festival Of Art and ArtSplash. Paintings by Susan are represented in private collections throughout the U.S.

She considers herself mostly self-taught, but has attended Martlhurst and Portland Community College. She also has studied with many nationally recognized artists.

"Before I begin a piece, I put on some classical music and take a few moments to simple be with my subject. I search for what is essential, what is the essence of what is before me. Only then do I move forward to capture what I feel on canvas. Whether I reach for acrylics or oils, I find that I am consistently drawn to the figure, the power and beauty that it holds I find captivating. Using strong design, movement, and color, my process is spontaneous and intuitive. I allow things to happen to evolve. Excitement grows as I connect to the piece, adding energy and life until it is finished."

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