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Rock Richardson


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"Like man, each of my pieces are similar in shape, but unique in appearance"

Artist Statement
The process that I have developed over the last ten years yields a distinct and provocative texture, a trademark of my unique artwork.

The work is first created in clay, then through various mold making techniques a permanent mold is created of the finished clay model.

By slowly, hand dripping fine unleaded pewter into and onto these specially created molds and then manipulating that metal with flame, gravity, and touch, and using tools that I designed and built specifically for this process, I am able to create a very unique and provocative piece of art.

Like man, no two pieces will ever be identical. My philosophy towards my work is summed up by this statement:

"One drip at a time, one piece at a time, one customer at a time"

I use the finest unleaded pewter available, many of my pieces are a combination of metal finishes including, brass, copper, and 24-carat gold. I incorporate many different types of stones including Black Onyx, Red Jasper, Carnelian, and Turquoise as well as many more. I also use polished glass, which comes in a myriad of colors for just the right effect.

Each finished piece is carefully sanded and brushed to a fine finish by my wife, Michele. Each piece is stamped with "RR" and signed by the artist
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