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Nosivad was for many years a successful business owner with his own metalworking and heavy equipment repair shop. It wasn't until Nosivad admitted to himself that he was feeling burned-out and unchallenged by the daily grind that he was ready to accept art as his full time passion. The sense of freedom and joy he felt from their construction - and the positive feedback he received from those who saw his work - was all the proof he needed that creating uniquely themed and constructed sculpture was his true calling.

Although not formally trained in art or sculpture, Nosivad's keen eye, sense of form and balance, combined with his considerable and varied life experiences, result in works that are often describe as "refreshing," "unexpected," and "whimsical." From the utilitarian to the purely abstract, from the modest to the monumental, his pieces all have in common a strong sense of dignity - even majesty - of theme; mixed with a very humanizing touch of everyday humor that comes through the choice of found objects and the way in which he uses them.

Nosivad's work has appeared in a number of regional juried art shows, frequently winning the First Place and Best of Show Ribbons. He was the featured artist for the "Hidden Lake Lodge" dream home at Northwest Natural's Street of Dreams in Portland, Oregon in August 2004 - a collaboration that helped the house win the People's Choice for Best of Show, and the Professional's Choice and People's Choice for Best Landscape. His work has appeared in the pages of Artisan Northwest magazine and a video documentary has been filmed for television.

Seasoned collectors as well as novice art hobbyists appreciate and value Nosivad's creations. All pieces are signed and dated. Consider Nosivad's one-of-a-kind works of art for private commissions, corporate pieces, or home and garden works.

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