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Colette Black

Mixed Media

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Through years of experimenting with textures and finishes, Colette has perfected the techniques used to create her exotic wall sculptures. She is always expanding her knowledge of different mediums through ongoing study of her trade.

"My Sculptures started taking on a life of their own and dragging me along with them. Everything was an oportunity to express myself. From travels to dreams, nothing to date has posed too big a challange"

"While dreams have influenced some of my pieces, I have to say that nature has been my mentor and life has been my medium."

Cole's sculptures have depth, movement, and a uniqueness not found in most art forms.

Industrial Sculptures

Cole's industrial pieces are commissions and as such, are each one of a kind. Each piece is carefully designed with the space in mind in which they are to be exhibited. Matching the decor of the room, the lines of teh architecture, and the personality of the company. This is the foundation behind Cole's Industrial art.
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