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Steve Parks


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Steve Parks Sculpture and Bronze

Steve desires to enjoy every minute of every day, lead by example, and create as inspired. He has the ability to laugh at himself as well as make others laugh. He lives by, and is very successful at, applying a "win-win" philosophy to all aspects of his life.

Steve got his love of sculpting from his many years working for various foundries learning all aspects of the "Lost Wax" creating process. He enjoyed the industry so much that in 1986 he opened his own foundry, "Parks Bronze," in the same valley. This experiance has earned him a great standing in not only his own artwork, but enlarging other artists' work to monuments all over the United States. Steve loves sculpting in wax and clay and his artwork knows no boundries. He has many artists as mentors for whom he credits much of his art knowledge.

Steve has created works for international companies such as Warner Brothers and Disney Productions. Commisions work is constant for Steve with many satisfied clients. whether it be small tabletop pieces, or monumental pieces, Stave has the talent, confidence, and ability to create it.
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