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Jesse Blanchard


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For the Love of Color

When people ask me about my work I always say I am an abstract landscape painter but the truth is I integrate non-objective abstraction and the landscape to inspire my work. The results are abstract compositions comprised of a visual language of marks, squares, lines and forms.

Initial "Expressionist" strokes direct a piece toward non-representational or landscape oriented imagery. Sometimes a piece will dead-end with a landscape and I will simply eradicate the idea of a landscape - sometimes the purely abstract field needs to have a better focal point and I will create a landscape out of the piece. Windows are a repeating theme in my work - insinuated by grids and lines superimposed over a background. I like the idea of looking through or past something to see something - so often in the world we can look at the horizon and see the beauty of it, not realizing our eyes strain out the imperfections. I am interested in including it all because it is all there in the composition, I don't want to lose any of it.

A piece of my work is finished when it resembles a piece of music where the notes, the beat, the sound is just right for you - it's perfect harmony to your ears. A composition is complete when each corner, each quarter sings their own part, but the whole piece is just that - perfect harmony.

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