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Julie Hill


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A native Southern Californian, Julie Hill began her art career later in life. After several life changes, in 2004 she picked up a pencil and began drawing. Unbeknownst to her, she had been sitting on a creative gift. She then dared to pick up the elusive paintbrush and tentatively applied colors and water to white paper. Pulled by the desire to capture nature's beauty and precious relationship moments, the once elusive and timidness of watercolor paintings has turned into unabashed exploration of color and shapes; as she calls it Capturing Life with Brushstrokes.

Julie's primarily self-taught approach to painting is considered to be unique. As she states, For the most part, I work with black and white photos. I start out with a very detailed and accurate drawing, then I broadly start applying the washes of color &.always loose and outside the lines. Subsequent layers of color reveal shapes and some details. By using black and white photos as references, it insures that I remain unbiased to color choices, yet stay true to values and shapes.

Julie's award winning paintings are in many private collections across the nation and are exhibited in several local galleries. In addition, many of her works have been commissioned by interior designers and corporations.
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