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Chris Perry


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Whether it be a 1,000 pound Alaskan Brown Bear or a little lady bug working on a single spec of pollen, the curve of a woman's hips or the freedom in a child's gaze; art gives us all a deeper look at who we are and helps us slow down just enough to grant us the perspective that allows us to really feel alive. It creates a pause; one that will hopefully point us back on our own path. The one that guided us in more innocent and simpler time in our lives.

In my art you can see most of the things that inspire me. Even though everyone's inspirations in life are so different, if you connect with the images and the stories behind them as I do or even on a different level, then I've done my job. We are all emotional beings and my aim is to target the part of us that creates a personal reaction that's relevance is all your own.
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