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Steve Taylor


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Steve Taylor is a self taught artists whose work has appeared in shows in the Northwest as well as nationally, including his near sellout show at Art Expo 2007 in New York. Steve has owned the Carlton Gallery for five years, personally selling over 150 pieces of his original art to the local community and tourists over the past three years.

Taylor's original art is shown at Magnum Opus Gallery in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, as well as Parker Furniture Gallery in Beaverton, Oregon. His art is also on display at local wineries and businesses in the Yamhill Valley, as well as Portland, Oregon. Steve participates in frequent art walks, exhibits and contributes art to local children's charities.

Steve spends most of his day painting in his art studio in McMinnville, Oregon while his wife Janell manages the business details. Steve says "I'm always amazed by how you can take just a few tubes of color and turn them into something that allows the eyes to be a conduit to the heart and mind. Art allows complete strangers to view the same image and carry on a conversation about what they see - even though each may interpret it completely differently." That's creativity in its truest form!
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