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Ernestine Tahedl was born and educated in Austria and received a Master's Degree in graphic art from the Vienna Academy of Applied Arts. Following graduation in 1961, she collaborated with her father, Professor Heinrich Tahedl, in the design and execution of stained glass commissions until she emigrated to Canada in 1963. Her studio is in King City, Ontario. Her work is represented in public, corporate and private collections and galleries in Canada, United States, France, Switzerland, Austria, and Japan. Her awards include the Graduation Prize of the Austrian Government 1961, the Bronze Medal of the Vienna International Exhibition of Paintings 1963, the Allied Arts Medal of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada 1966, and a purchase award, Concourse Artistique du Quebec 1966. In 1967, she received a Canada Council Arts Award, in 1999, the Mayor's ze at Kyoto 99, Kyoto, Japan, and in 2000, the Kobe Sun Prize at Flora Art 2000 at Awaji Island, Hyogo, Japan. She was elected a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 1977 and of the Ontario Society of Artists 1984. She received the Governor General's Canada 125th Anniversary Medal in 1993. She was the recipient of the 2000 Arts and Letters Award from the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002 and the In Celebration of Women's Arts, long-term Achievement Award 2004. She was invited to participate in the Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea, Florence, Italy in 2003. She received the President's Medal of the Ontario Society of Artists in 2006. The Varley Art Gallery of Markham organized and presented an Retrospective 1946-2006, curated by Katerina Atanassova, curator Varley Art Gallery of Markham in 2006.TckleScratch Production produced a Film for the Bravo television Series :The Artist's Life : Ernestine Tahedl under the direction of Michael Glassbourg 2007.

Pond, Reflection and Water Lilies Paintings of recent years allow me to immerse myself into pure painting with out being lost in it. Over the years I have searched for this freedom in my work. Although I see my landscapes as not representing a particular motif or place, I always strive for the essence of the place and all that a Landscape can imply.
I explore and try to find the balance between the realistic image and the pictorial values for my paintings. The concept of multiple canvases and panels has always fascinated me. It leads me towards the medieval concept of religious paintings and their spirituality. I hope that spirituality and serenity are integral to my work. Colour and light are additional factors that guide my work. Colour to me is light.
For me, the Pond Paintings come closer to a musical experience; as a result, many of the works have musical titles.
I feel these paintings are a more direct, human and spiritual experience without confinement of the motif or formal restriction; yet still consist of all those elements that I have explored in my work over the years.

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